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Smart Safes Take the Pain Out of Handling Cash; Here’s Why!

NationalLink’s Smart Safe Program is one of the industry’s leading cash management solutions. Our Smart Safes eliminate gaps in the cash handling process by merging technology with NationalLink’s expertise and quality of service. Depositing in our smart safe is virtually identical to depositing into your bank account with less risk and reduced labor cost and error.

Smart Safes are perfect for cash-intensive businesses, providing your business with an efficient and secure way of handling cash with fewer errors. NationalLink also assumes all risks and threats of loss by eliminating exposure through direct cash pick up by armored vehicle and highly trained cash personnel, straight to your bank.

As Smart Safes are linked to your bank, it provides an immediate provisional credit of the deposit to your bank account. Once your deposits are safe with the bank, your provisional credit will turn into an actual one. As it is fully automated, you are assured of low labor costs and elimination of errors in cash counting and reconciliation. Our hands-free Smart Safes Program manages and offers: · Armored carrier services · Field service and repair · Daily deposits in your bank account · Insurance on cash With NationalLink’s Smart Safes program, your business benefits from: · Next business day funding on cash deposits · Secure cash handling · Easy integration with your bank · Flexible low-cost monthly fee · Automated online reporting · Reconcile across multiple locations We offer a variety of services that work together to create a comprehensive and secure cash management system. Learn more about our complimentary services by calling 800-363-9835 or go to www.nationallink.com.