Sunmi P2 is smart, mobile, accept
card payments, fingerprints and top
Omnipotent payment includes MSR,
IC-card, NFC and QR-code.
Ultra-thin design makes it easy to
pick up and move the device when
It uses removable aluminum polymer
battery Ensures safety and ease of

[2:39 am, 29/10/2021] Ab Atabie: UNIQUE FEATURES
- High Reliability & Exceptional Performance
- Accepts EMV Chip, Magnetic Stripe and NFC Contactless Transactions
- Fast processing capacity via a Quad-core 1.8GHz processor
Android Go 9.x support most of apps
- High quality 5 inch touch color screen
- Unprecedented Security
- PCI PTS 5.x certified, SRED, EMV 3.0
- Flexible Expansibility
- 3G, 4G LTE
- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
- Quad-core processor delivers stronger performance
- Seiko high-speed printer
[2:39 am, 29/10/2021] Ab Atabie: MULTIPLE USES
Agency Banking
Mobile Retail
Enterprise Retail